About The N.T.I.P.D.U.

ntipdu-logoThe National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users was incorporated as a company on the 23rd October 2002.

It was formed as a result of the work carried out by the founding directors, who discovered that there are no National standards in place for dog handlers within the Security Industry.The NTIPDU has been fortunate to have had input from Government departments in developing the course and standards contained within.

We have implemented a set of standards attainable by all, by keeping costs to a minimum enabling the handler to continue with training and retain employment concurrently.

Each NTIPDU instructor has undergone a refresher course at one of our National Training centres and meets with the criteria laid down, this enhances the training of all new handlers. Once trained, the NTIPDU handler always has the support necessary from the Inspectorate itself, the Trainers and Instructors.The NTIPDU has within its resources the ability to provide a ‘pool’ of trained dogs, to its members should their own dog be unable to continue for any reason, thus enabling the handler to continue with his/her employment.

All of our Security Staff have been licensed by the SIAplus our security dog handlers have also been trained by the NTIPDU to EDI Level 2 standard at least, which is more than up to British Standard BS 8517-1:2009.  Being members of the NTIPDU means that we have access to a UK network of trained dog handlers.

NTIPDU Training Photos

N.T.I.P.D.U. Guard Dog Training South Wales
Training Guard Dogs N.T.I.P.D.U South Wakes.