Why Use Glamorgan Guard Dogs?

Our highly trained General Purpose Patrol Dogs are a REAL deterrent to any criminal.

Our specialist dog teams carry out further training at the NTIPDU at least 4 times a year, and weekly on-site, this ensures we remain second to none.

The intelligence, advanced hearing and sense of smell and the physical presence these dogs bring to any site will make any criminal think twice.

When guards or camera fail to notice someone hidden in a dark area one of our General Purpose Patrol Dogs will notice and indicate to the handler, and then take the NTIPDU accredited dog handler to whoever is in hiding.

One of our dog teams can replace numerous security guards!

Image of Guard Dog South Wales Finding Trespassers

There is no hiding from these trained General Purpose Patrol Dogs, they will be able to smell an intruder from a mile away

They are also trained to accept anyone in their environment and will only react if threatened.

These dogs will find anything that has been dropped or hidden on site by any intruders.

These dogs will protect their handler from any possible attack from any intruder.

Our Dog Teams can work the most hostile jobs and give the handler the highest level of personal security. Ideal for controlling large crowds hostile of people.
Our dogs are also trained to accept livestock, so working along with other animals is not a problem.

All of our Security Staff have been licensed by the SIAplus our security dog handlers have also been trained by the NTIPDU to EDI Level 2 standard at least, which is more than up to British Standard BS 8517-1:2009.  Being members of the NTIPDU means that we have access to a UK network of trained dog handlers.

Image of Guard Dog being trained
Image og Guard Dog on Patrol South Wales
Image of guard dog on patrol at South Wales farm